About Children’s Entertainer & Magician Peter Mennie

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Why You Should Hire Peter Mennie......

EXPERIENCE. Peter has been a FULL TIME professional since 1982. That means he’s reliable and has a proven track record. A lot of magicians are part time hobbyists, or are just starting out. Don’t be “the one” who hired the performer who needed a group to practice on!

CLEAN. Since Peter is a clean comic magician, you won’t be embarrassed by foul language, inappropriate humour or embarrassed volunteers. You will be able to hold your head high when the boss comes over after the show and thanks you for hiring him.

VARIETY. It’s a killer mix of Comedy, amazing Magic and silly Volunteer Interaction. Think of it as a ‘triple threat’ of variety entertainment. That means the show will please a wide range of audiences. It’s not “just” comedy and it’s not “just” magic. This gives the show an advantage over entertainers.

AGE APPROPRIATE. There is a talent to entertaining families. 3-6 year olds laugh at the silly antics; 6-9 year olds love magic for just being, magic!; 9-12 year olds need to be fooled - badly; and the rest won't admit they are having a really fun time - but they are! Parents as well. There is something for everyone.

ORGANIZED. He's not OCD. He prefers to call it CDO (that's OCD in alphabetical order!). This means Peter is Compulsively Driven to Organize. In addition to being a successful entertainer, he is also a professional theatrical Stage Manager, Sound Designer, Technical Director as well as the founder of the Original Kids Theatre Company, the largest children's performing arts company in Canada. It's alumni are a who's who of young stars including Rachel McAdams, Megan Park and Amber Marshall. This means that each detail of every show he performs or produces is prepared right from the time the audience sits down until they leave the auditorium. He will make your job a LOT easier.

VALUE. This is the big one. You already know that you get what you pay for so why risk the cheaper guy’s show? Remember, there is a reason why they are cheaper.


The Peter Mennie Magic Show will be the easiest and most enjoyable show you hire for your upcoming event. However I do recognize that you may have a couple of questions regarding its set-up and presentation. Here are answers to the most popular questions others have asked me about bringing the show to their Special Event, Party, Fair, Festival, or Celebration.

How much space is needed?

The stage should be in a central location with good sight lines, and with no other major activity directly in front. Because a number of audience members are invited to participate during the performance, I will need a minimum 16' x 8' (w/d) performing space, clear of allstorage. The stage should be at least one step up. Higher platforms will require stairs at the front.

What about Seating?

My shows are very visual. All seating should be kept in front of the stage, not off to the back or sides of the stage. Children are actually more comfortable sitting on the floor right in front of the stage rather than in chairs. In the event that the show is not in a formal setting with permanent seats, please leave enough room up front so the children can see and participate in the show.

Do you need any Special Equipment?

No. I can connect with any proper, professional on-site sound system and in most cases, I bring my own. I do, however, require one, 120 volt, 15 amp electrical outlet less than 25ft. from the stage as well as adequate lighting.

How long is the performance?

Most performances are typically 30, 60 or 90 minutes in length however they can be customized to fit your schedule. Full Performance Riders are also available to help you plan your event. Please click here to send your request.

Can you travel?

YES! I am available to travel nation-wide to your event with very little notice.

How much does it cost?

My fees are comparable to other high quality, featured Canadian family entertainers and there are a number of show options available to fit most budgets.

If your question hasn't been answered, please feel free to contact me anytime at 1-519-438-4003 or by clicking here.

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