Is it a Funny Magic Show or a Magical Comedy Show? It's Both!

Laughing Girl AbraKIDabra Peter MenniePeter Mennie Makes Kids Laugh!

“Once Peter Mennie took the stage you knew it would be a performance that would leave adults and kids in awe of his magic and in stitches from all the comedy that he effortlessly dishes out.” – Ontario Travel Divas

It’s true! Family entertainer Peter Mennie and his magic show – ABRAKIDABRA! are the perfect combination of hilarious comedy magic, amazing illusions, silly kid friendly vaudeville style antics, trendy grown up comic observations and entertainment skills that has been honed over 40 years on 1000’s of Resort, Party, Fair, Festival, Special Event & Theatre stages and over a dozen cable television specials across Canada.

“Thank you for a wonderful
Sold Out show

It’s his on-stage experience that sets Peter apart from others and makes him a favourite choice for family focused entertainment at some of the top venues in Canada. If Peter Mennie can sell out regularly at Deerhurst Resort, Nottawasaga Inn, Blue Mountain Village and in theatres like The Stockey Centre, The Blyth Festival TheatreThe Algonquin Theatre and at the Labrador Creative Arts Festival, then the show will be a hit at your event as well!

Kirkland Lake 2013 - rev“Largest Children’s Show Audience We’ve Ever Seen!”

Plus, in order to ensure that you have a stress-free and fun experience presenting the show, he is able to travel across Canada and arrive with a professional, self-contained performance package, ready to entertain – anywhere!

As a matter of fact, Peter is so easy to work with and so completely focused on both the kids and their parent’s overall entertainment experience, as well as your piece of mind over a job well done, it might look like a miracle, considering how funny he is onstage.

“Thank You For Bringing A Class Act To Blue Mountain!”

So, does this make the Peter Mennie ABRAKIDABRA! Magic Show a “comical magic show” or a “magical comedy show”? You can decide that for yourself but either way, the families in your audience will be completely entertained and you won’t be disappointed – guaranteed!

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