About Children’s Entertainer & Magician Peter Mennie


blue-jacket-peter mennie

EXPERIENCE. I've been a FULL TIME professional for over 30 years. That means I'm reliable and have a proven track record. A lot of magicians are part time hobbyists, or are just starting out. Don’t be “the one” who hired the performer who needed a group to practice on!

CLEAN. Since I'm a FAMILY FRIENDLY magician, there isn't ANY inappropriate humour or embarrassed participants. You will be able to hold your head high when the committee thanks you for hiring me.

VARIETY. It’s a killer mix of Comedy, amazing Magic and silly Volunteer Interaction. Think of it as a ‘triple threat’ of variety entertainment. My shows please a wide range of audiences. It’s not “just” comedy and it’s not “just” magic. This gives me a BIG advantage over other entertainers.

AGE APPROPRIATE. There is a talent to entertaining families. 3-6 year old's laugh at the silly antics; 6-9 year old's love magic for just being, magic!; 9-12 year old's need to be fooled - badly; and the rest won't admit they are having a really fun time - but they are! Parents as well. There is something for everyone.

ORGANIZED. I'm not OCD. I prefer to call it CDO (that's OCD in alphabetical order!). This means I'm Compulsively Driven to Organize. In addition to being a successful entertainer, I am also a professional theatrical Stage Manager, Sound Designer, Technical Director as well as the founder of the Original Kids Theatre Company, the largest children's performing arts company in Canada. It's alumni are a who's who of young stars including Rachel McAdams, Megan Park and Amber Marshall. Each detail of every show I perform or produce is prepared right from the time the audience sits down until they leave the auditorium. I will make your job a LOT easier.

VALUE. This is the big one. You already know that you get what you pay for so why risk a cheaper entertainer’s show? Remember, there is a reason why they are cheaper.

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