Magicians vs Fort McMurray Wildfires

About 3 weeks ago over virtual coffee, my great magic buddy, Ryan Joyce and I were swapping road stories when he mentioned that he was wanting to help the efforts out in fort McMurray. ryan had been on tour a few years back and had raised quite a bit of money doing a magic show for the firefighters of the region and got to know a lot of the people out there quite well. He was devastated at the news of the tragedy. We all were.

I told him I’m on board if and when anything came to mind.

A little while later he casually mentioned he’d like to go back to Brantford. We immediately thought of the beautiful and restored Sanderson Centre and the fund raising idea.

One email later and they were on board!

Eight emails after that and we had our show. Myself, Ryan JoyceDavid Merry, Keith Brown & Craig Douglas. Plus in the lobby are Graeme Reed, Ryan Edwards and Doug Hunt.

Please go to for all of the particulars and support the cause! Tickets are only $10


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