This Is One Of My Favourite Routines Ever!

I've been doing this a long time and over the years I've done almost ever kind of magic show there is. I've done full illusion shows, family shows, stand-up comedy magic shows, close-up magic shows, hypnosis shows, worked with doves and rabbits, but I've never been able to top the sheer joy I've had with three balloons, a paper bag and a group of great kids.

This is a routine that I can do, quite literally, anywhere in the world. The props are available in any dollar store and it's 10 minutes of hilarious fun.

Of course it all depends on the volunteer and over the years I've had some great ones.

Thanks must go out to my friend, the great Jeff Hobson who originated this routine.

Please watch, you'll laugh too.


About Peter Mennie - That Magic Guy

Family Friendly Fooler Peter Mennie is one of the busiest national entertainment professionals working in Canada. He promises his magic show will likely be the "Funniest Magic Show They Will See All Year"!
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